Using Data to Accelerate Growth, Improve Quality and Reduce Costs

St. Luke’s University Health Network is a regional hospital system in an industry that increasingly demands scale, financial sophistication and aggressive marketing. The not-for-profit org, founded in 1872, has expanded rapidly in recent years to include hundreds of different facility sites and thousands of individual providers. Compounding matters, St. Luke’s faces mounting pressure to assume more financial risk, as public and private stakeholders demand value-based care arrangements.

St. Luke’s positions itself as the high-quality, low-cost provider in its region, but sprawling legacy information systems have made it difficult to deliver on that promise. Org leaders determined that analytics—powered by up-to-date, accurate and consistent data—would be critical to maintaining excellence system-wide, from quality care and patient satisfaction to financial stability and resource allocation. A data-driven view of the area population’s health needs could also help to increase market share, through acquisitions, expansion and marketing.

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