Catastrophic Flood Preparation: Tools to Help Minimize Impact and Damage

Affecting many parts of the world, especially coastal areas, flooding is becoming more epidemic as time goes on. As we watch weather forecasts showing continuous 100-year flood events being reached each year, there is an increasingly urgent need to take preparation measures that can reduce the impacts of these damaging floods..

Areas of concern for flooding include power control stations, water pumping stations, and other infrastructure that is critical for a healthy and thriving society. Namely, highways as well as access roads to islands, peninsulas, and other coastal wetland areas are often impeded by rising sea levels and then eventually breached by catastrophic flooding. Targeting these areas with regular budgetary installations of flood prevention barriers can assist with reducing damage from these events.

This course will discuss

  • Learn how sourcing materials locally can keep costs down
  • Identify useful equipment that is available in all areas of the country from most rental centers
  • Explore how the use of common items, like sandbags, in conjunction with efficient filling equipment speeds up preparation for impending weather events
  • Discuss long-term strategies, such as permanent plantings, that act as dikes/berms for diverting water during surge storm events
Rod Tyler
Tuesday, May 25, 2021
12:30 PM - 1:30 PM (EDT)