Full Name
Rod Tyler
Job Title
Green Horizons Environmental
Speaker Bio
Rod Tyler is a graduate of The Ohio State University, a Certified Professional Agronomist, and has been working with compost for nearly 30 years. He is currently President of Green Horizons Environmental, a firm that built Filtrexx International, LLC. Green Horizons consults with composters on diversifying their marketing program to increase average price per cubic yard each year, thereby increasing profits.

As founder of Filtrexx International, Rod is also the inventor of the patented SiltSoxx technology. Rod co-authored The Sustainable Site: The Design Manual for Green Infrastructure and Low Impact Development, and his bestselling book Winning the Organics Game – The Compost Marketers Handbook discusses issues related to using compost in all the major markets and is a leading textbook used in the industry. Rod has worked with the US Composting Council, where he served as President and Vice President, and has spoken at numerous conferences for the erosion control and organics recycling industries.

Rod was a keynote speaker at the 2017 Biocycle annual conference for the organics recycling industry. Rod has also held office within USCC as President, Vice President, Co-Chair of the Marketing committee, and National Field Representative. Rod has recently applied years of research and testing to develop innovative living shoreline applications and was invited to speak at last year’s American Shore & Beach Preservation Association and Restore America's Estuaries conferences.
Rod Tyler