Full Name
Richard Staynings
Healthcare Cybersecurity Luminary
Speaker Bio
Richard Staynings is a globally renowned thought leader, author, public speaker, and advocate for improved cybersecurity across the Healthcare and Life Sciences industry.

He has served on various committees and working groups including as a subject matter expert on government Committees of Inquiry into some of the highest profile international healthcare breaches.

Richard is currently Chief Security Strategist for Cylera, a pioneer in the space of medical device and HIoT security. He is also author of Cyber Thoughts, a leading healthcare cybersecurity blog, and teaches postgraduate courses in cybersecurity, health informatics and healthcare management at the University of Denver University College.

A recovering CISO and CIO, with more than 25 years’ experience of both cybersecurity leadership and client consulting in healthcare, Richard has lived in over 30 countries and delivered innovative solutions to organizations in all of them.
Richard Staynings