Network, Cabling, and Optics Upgrades for 25g/100g, and 400g Networks in Enterprise Data Centers

There are multiple transitions at play in data centers and campus networks. In data centers, enterprise customers are migrating from 1G/10G to 25G networks for server and storage. Core links are being upgraded from 10G/40G to 100G. Many use cases, such as content and media, are driving the need for even higher speeds at 400G. Similarly, in campus networks, customers are moving from 1g to mGig to support new Wi-Fi standards and high bandwidth endpoints.

Topics that will be covered:
•    Market forecasts
•    Trends & drivers for 25G/100/400G
•    Customer use cases
•    New hardware & transceiver technologies
•    Cabling use cases for migration to 100G & 400G