Why Physical Security Matters in Protecting Your Data Center

Sophisticated cybersecurity measures are the hallmark of most data center risk mitigation strategies. But protecting the data and customer information doesn’t mean physical hardware and software are safe from physical breaches as well. Facebook notoriously went down for hours in October 2021, costing nearly $100 million in revenue. The cause was a data maintenance error and a physical security problem.​

Like cyber and network vulnerabilities, physical security can also present some huge challenges. Bad actors with the right access anyone can use or harm servers, even when in a locked facility. Data centers need to be protected from intruders and potential physical attacks that can result in disasters such as water leaks, fires, power outages and cooling system failures. ​

Experts will discuss:​

  • Physical security is an important issue for data centers​
  • How to avoid complacency with your data center’s physical access control​
  • Stepping up your game beyond simple access control cards and electronic locks​
  • Understanding how to ensure your servers stay online ​
  • The dangers of unvetted vendors and lax visitor controls​
  • Planning a strategic video surveillance systems and real-time accountability​
  • How to train your staff to recognize and defend against social engineering attacks.