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Todd Williams
Speaker Bio
Todd Williams is a speaker and consultant with over three decades of culture development experience in healthcare, hospitality and countless customer-facing industries.
Todd spent 20+ years developing and implementing the service delivery training programs for Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts, one of the most recognized luxury hotel brands in the world with one of the highest average daily rates in the industry. Leading the culture of the undisputed leader of hospitality, he is a firm believer that "hospitality" is not just an industry, but instead a way of living that puts others first.
In his role with Centura Health as Vice President, Culture Development, Todd focused on employee engagement, emotional connections, brand differentiation and more. His work centered on building a culture of service, backed by research that shows patients who have a better experience also have better clinical outcomes… better clinical outcomes equal better business performance.
Seeing the innate and irrefutable similarities between healthcare and hospitality, he’s learned the best experiences we create are actually the end result of teams deeply committed to excellence, as well as the individual and collective purpose that drives performance: the “why” behind all we do. The way we connect with one another, value and support each other’s contributions on a daily basis is paramount to a successful, profitable business.
With deep experience, he’s found this to be true: humans need humans. No matter our role, title or priorities…. no matter the patient’s condition, situation or disposition… no matter our team’s needs, strengths or weaknesses… we are all human. There are more similarities in human behavior than there are differences in personality, titles and roles. These similarities drive metrics in an impressive, measurable way. Teaching others the power of purpose-first work has become Todd’s mission. He's shown teams from a multitude of industries that putting culture first is the answer to driving all levels of success.
Todd Williams