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Founded in 2011, Cloudticity helps healthcare organizations transform healthcare by unlocking the full potential of the cloud. Through groundbreaking automation and deep cloud expertise, Cloudticity solutions empower healthcare organizations to create and scale the industry’s next breakthrough solutions.

Distinguished for having built some of the largest health systems on the cloud, including the first patient portal, the first health information exchange (HIE), the first FISMA high deployment, and the first Meaningful Use 2 (MU2) compliance for a large hospital system, Cloudticity puts the power of the cloud in the hands of healthcare. Predict trends, improve care, and drive long-term growth with Cloudticity cloud-native solutions.

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Join Cloudticity's Gerry Miller, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, for a Industry Partner Spotlight.

Wednesday, September 23, 2020
1:00 PM - 1:30 PM
Industry Partner Spotlight
Moments, or Months? The Cost of Not Moving Healthcare to the Cloud


When healthcare providers start thinking “cloud,” the first incentive is almost always cost savings. And while reducing costs is a perk of migrating to the cloud, it often pales in comparison to the other benefits gained several months into the journey–mainly, extraordinary agility, push-button scalability, and the ability to engage in low-risk experimentation and drive greater innovation. Join Cloudticity for an in-depth discussion of what is driving healthcare providers to the cloud. You’ll learn how providers like Spectrum Health are able to accomplish what used to take months in moments, and more importantly, the hidden opportunity costs of healthcare not moving to the cloud.


Gerry Miller