Radiology AI: The Evolution of a Revolution

With continuously growing interest in the application of AI to enhance the field of Radiology, news on the field has proven a cacophony of localized developments. This session will attempt to provide a more holistic review of developments in AI to date, with a focus on the current zeitgeist in the wake of the RSNA. We will explore whether AI is still in evolutionary development or if we’re truly at the tipping point of an AI revolution.
Course Objectives:

  • A brief overview of AI thematic developments in Radiology
  • Focus on recent developments in the wake of the RSNA
  • Conjecture if we’re at a tipping point for an AI Revolution

Presented by:

Kevin Lev, Marketing Director - ICAP at Philips
Kevin Lev is a Marketing Director for Advanced Visualization and AI Solutions at Philips. His career has focused on bringing to market innovative medical technologies for 15 years. During his 5 years at Philips, he’s been responsible for various launches of the IntelliSpace Portal advanced visualization platform before joining the Illumeo team, and is the recipient of a Philips Innovation Award. Kevin holds an MBA from Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management with focus on Biotechnology Marketing.

Moderated by:

Mark Hagland, Editor-in-Chief at Healthcare InnovationMark Hagland has been Editor-in-Chief since January 2010, and was a contributing editor for ten years prior to that. He has spent 30 years in healthcare publishing, covering every major area of healthcare policy, business, and strategic IT, for a wide variety of publications, as an editor, writer, and public speaker. He is the author of two books on healthcare policy and innovation, and has won numerous national awards for journalistic excellence.

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