2023 Winning Stories of Innovation

The editors of Healthcare Innovation are delighted to announce the winning teams and the semifinalist winners in our annual Innovator Awards Program.


MyBloodHealth® - Leveraging Technologyto Revolutionize Anemia Management
At least one third of patients in your hospital or health system have this common and modifiable condition that negatively affects their quality of life and work productivity. Can you guess what it is? The answer may surprise you; it is anemia. How do we bridge the gap between screening for anemia and ensuring all patients receive the care they deserve? That is where MyBloodHealth® comes in. 
Improving the Care of Patient Populations
During the pandemic, our number one priority was connecting with customers to understand their pain points and offer services to best support them. It is clear that digitizing the health record has become even more essential to more easily understand what is going on in healthcare organizations, protect providers by enabling remote visits, and improve data sharing during patient transitions. 



Enhancing the Patient-physician Relationship
With a growing physician shortage, increasing burnout, and declining patient satisfaction, a dramatic change is needed to make healthcare more efficient and effective, and bring back the joy of practicing medicine. AI-driven ambient clinical intelligence (ACI) promises to help by revolutionizing patient and provider experiences with clinical documentation that writes itself.



1st Place — ProMedica

Health systems across the country are trying to determine the best way to screen patients for social determinants of health (SDOH) and develop connections with community-based organizations that can help address patient needs. But few healthcare organizations have developed the sophisticated infrastructure for screening and addressing SDOH that Toledo, Ohio-based ProMedica has. 

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2nd Place — Finger Lakes IPA (FLIPA)

The leaders of the primary care and behavioral care organizations involved in the Finger Lakes IPA in upstate New York have been working hard—and smart—on a new model integrating physical and behavioral patient care management. Indeed, what they’ve come up with offers the promise of replicability nationwide and the advancements they’ve made have earned their team second place in the Healthcare Innovation 2023 Innovators Award program.

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3rd Place — Memorial Hermann Health System

The leaders at the 17-hospital Memorial Hermann Health System in Houston five years ago embarked on a grandly ambitious plan for Clinical Care Redesign; today, the results speak for themselves. The Clinical Care Redesign (CCR) initiative began five years ago, starting with an in-depth analysis of the patient journey across Memorial Hermann’s continuum of care, with, as the health system’s leaders describe it, an examination of “all processes and touchpoints, and identifying opportunities to improve clinical care.

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4th Place — Nicklaus Children's Hospital

Leaders at Nicklaus Children’s Hospital in Miami successfully launched a program for infants cared for in the NICU to address gaps in care after discharge through a nurse-led telehealth program dubbed ‘Baby Steps’. The program attempted to launch before the pandemic but wasn’t successful due to the hesitancy toward telehealth at the time. But the team saw the advancements and acceptance of telehealth and put together a grant to make Baby Steps a reality.

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